Project Management

ECPS project management team's mission is to run projects for clients according to Project Management Procedures, starting from preparation projects, execution until closing out projects.

ECPS project Management Team's mission is to cover the project according to the budget approved ensuring accuracy of projects' cost control.
ECPS Project Management Team with the capability to provide all projects facilities for marine ship yard units & Offshore units on site , as well as providing all equipments and manpower qualified to working on offshore sites.

ECPS Project Management Team with facilities to give clients a clear picture of running projects, starting with the existing time-frame with mile stone points + issue official budgets realistically, under local & international market price costs, showing budget breakdown+ cost control.



ECPS-Project Management team running projects under qualified projects engineers with enough experience in the oil industry to run critical projects for offshore/onshore units.

Project Management system as our arm to run projects, starting from preparation, execution, and finally closing out. AS project management system ECPS warrants to keep projects running according to the time frame submitted and within the budget approved.

ECPS Project Management Team with facilities to process any risk assessment for any technical project, to find out and expect any future issues, to cover the project from the beginning to make projects run smoothly.

Close out project report based on Project team which guarantees sending close out reports to clients, attaching details as lessons to be learnt + arrange a presentation to explaining all points of the project as professional reference.



ECPS-Project team, with a huge history in the oil Industry, completed 5 projects of Dry-Dock for offshore drilling units including steel repair & underwater survey for offshore units.

ECPS is proud of projects' results, since these projects have been completed on time, within the approved budget and with client satisfaction.