Rig Audit Acceptance

Services for Drilling Contract Co's & Exploration / Production Owner's Co's , ECPS provides totally inspection of rigs for different sections on offshore/onshore drilling units.

The ECPS auditor and technical inspection team is fully qualified and certified to provide official reports declaring technical opinions for each case and section on the rig , sending a clear picture by issuing technical reports on each section on the drilling unit ( Drilling equipment , Mud System , Mechanical , Electrical , Structure , Underwater , Jacking system and QHSE )



ECPS Team with the experience and capability needed to fully inspect each section of offshore/onshore drilling units to provide our clients with a clear picture and issue official technical reports, including the status of each section,reporting negative items found and recommendations of correct course of action to cover outstanding items and create an efficient drilling unit during the drilling process.

ECPS Team is approved and certified from different sources to arrange critical jobs like acceptance unit.



ECPS Team completed the inspection of Offshore Drilling Unit Rig ZOSER according to a request from E&P SUCO-Co. Job completed on time with appreciation from clients & drilling contract companies.