Marine Engineering Consultation

Provides marine engineering services for marine units of different types + offshore units. ECPS Engineering Team with the capability to provide all marine calculations, such as stability and ship design section + review and update operation manuals for ships' units + offshore drilling units of different types.

ECPS Drafting Engineering Team with the skills to supply drawings of all marine and offshore units according to engineering and international drawing standards.

ECPS Marine Engineering Team to cover site surveys for offshore drilling units to inspect all items related to classification societies ( IACS ) + Flag state .... Special Modu-Code 1979 items required and any IMO + SOLAS Requirements for marine units.



Marine Engineering Consultation team, with direct correspondance with IACS & Flag state , help figure out real solutions to any marine consultation issues, to sort them out under IMO & SOLAS regulations , in addition to approving them from IACS & Flag States.

ECPS Team has a flexible team to going onboard any time to visually check, report, evaluate and present opinions on technical issues.

ECPS Team with good communication skills to complete outstanding items from IACS & Flag states in the least timeframe, to close them on time and to close out any technical comments in the future.



ECPS - issue items required from engineering drawings and marine calculations for Offshore Drilling Unit Kamose - EDC Owner to create and issue Modu-Code Certificates , as received from ABS ( American Bureau for Shipping ) technical office in Houston.

ECPS - create a new drawing for offshore drilling unit Zoser & Senusret, according to Egyptian Drilling Company requirements.